A research project by Curt Gambetta
on waste & the built environment


The experiments, prototypes and discourse in this website propose that waste be understood as a point of departure for speculation about the future of cities and architecture. Rather than look for public life in established spaces of discourse and gathering (public spaces in cities, public institutions, etc), this research contends that public life and space be imagined around issues of common concern–issues that are increasingly understood as private dilemmas. Because waste is largely invisible to society, this research explores the spatial and social politics of making waste visible to cities and society.

May of the design and research projects included in the website draw from research conducted by Curt Gambetta in close collaboration with students at the Buffalo School of Architecture in New York and the Woodbury University School of Architecture in Los Angeles. Curt is an architectural designer, writer and urbanist currently based in Los Angeles.

Contact: Curt Gambetta

contact: cugambetta [at] yahoo.com